La lettre qui a déclenchée la lettre ouverte

par | Oct 6, 2020 | Communiqués

Une lettre de Varoujan Sirapian au Prof. Yaïr Auron

Le 3 octobre 2020, Varoujan Sirapian, président de l’Institut Tchobanian adressa un email au Prof. Yaïr Auron pour protester contre les ventes d’armes par Israël à l’Azerbaïdjan. 


Dear Yaïr, 


I’m in Yerevan and I’m living with this war launched by Azerbaijan againt Artsakh since 6 days.
It’s very hard to see and hear civilians dead or blessed by Azerbaijani arms made in and sold by Israël.
I have nothing againts Jews as people and individuals and you know it. But I’m very angry and yelling very aloud:
Shame on Netanyahu, 
Shame on whole Israel’s government
for backing Baku’s dictator.
Varoujan Sirapian



Le 5 octobre 2020 paraissait sur le site Institute on the Holocaust and Genocide Jerusalem

An Open Letter regarding the Fighting in Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh)

Armenian Studies at the Hebrew University

The following represents the personal views of a group of Israeli scholars of Caucasian and associated studies from different institutions of higher learning, and does not reflect the positions of the Hebrew University nor its Armenian Studies Program.

We the undersigned write to express our deep concern with the fighting that has flared up in the region of Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh). From a reading of independent accounts and analysis we have concluded that this outbreak of violence in the last few days is due solely to aggression of the Republic of Azerbaijan, supported by Turkey and backed up by fighters from elsewhere in the region. This belligerence has been directed towards military and civilian targets in the Republic of Artsakh and its mainly Armenian population, and deserves to be condemned in no uncertain terms. The response of the Republic of Artsakh and the Republic of Armenia is clearly one of defense of population, property and territory, and should enjoy the support of those who cherish the principle of self-determination of peoples.

We call for an end to this aggression, and a cessation of the fighting. The long-term answer to tension in the region is on-going negotiations that will aim to resolve the claims of various ethnic groups, leading to a mutually agreed upon political arrangement. Clearly, violence of any type will not resolve ethnic and other tensions.

It is with dismay that we address the matter of Israeli arms sales to Azerbaijan in recent years, this being one component in the massive armament process in that country. We call upon the Israeli government to cease immediately the sales of arms to Azerbaijan, pending a review of the issue by the government and Knesset. Matters of would-be Realpolitik, as reflected here in arm sales, are not the only basis for foreign policy. Certainly, one needs to question Israel’s role in an armament effort aimed mainly against a people that like the Jewish people suffered genocidal attacks in the twentieth century. We call upon other Israelis to raise their voice on this important issue.

Prof. Reuven Amitai,
Prof. Yair Auron,
Prof. Israel Charny,
Ms. Moran Deitch,
Prof. Benjamin Z. Kedar,
Mr. Yoav Loeff,
Prof. Benny Morris,
Dr. Yakir Paz,
Prof. Eli Richter,
Prof. Donna Shalev,
Mr. Marc Sherman,
Prof. Michael Stone,
Dr. Yana Tcheknanovets,
Prof. Dror Zeevi