Visits to Tekeyan Schools

par | 5 Oct 2013 | Archives, Évènements

Visits to Tekeyan Schools in Gumri and Stepanavan


As each year, Tekeyan Association, bring assistance to the employees, teachers but also auxiliaries, of Tekeyan Schools in Armenia by distributing a certain sum of money.

During my third visit to Armenia this year, end of September, I was invited by Tekeyan Center of Yerevan, to accompany them to visit Gyumri and Stepanavan schools. Of course I accepted the invitation with delight.

I new that the Tekeyan schools are well organized, clean and pleasant to frequent. My first visit took place in octobre 2001, to Tekeyan school of Sebastia, near Yerevan and I kept a very good souvenir.

So on September, 26th, I accompanied Gayane Muratyan and Karekin Kevorkian to Gyumri Tekeyan School. I was delighted to see the good conditions in which the students are welcomed. Beside I was happy to find out that there was a French language classroom in that school. As one of Institut Tchobanian’s purposes is the enhancement of the “Francophonie” in Armenia (which is a full member of Francophonie since 2012) I proposed to offer some books in French language to Gyumri Tekeyan School’s library.

The next day we went to Stepanavan Tekeyan School. Again I was agreeably surprised to see a very modern school, with a theater and a very up to date gymnasium. I can say that even in France it’s rare to find a school as clean as this one. Not a tag on walls, pupils well dressed and very respectful toward their teachers and visitors.

It’s useless to describe the satisfaction of the employees as they received one by one their envelopes. Their sheer salaries are far from to match the effort and commitment they put in their everyday work. So even the slightest aid brought by Tekeyan Center is of great help for them.

I also appreciated the serious and professional job conducted by Gayane Muratyan controlling one by one every single envelope attributed to the employees of Tekeyan.